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How A Builder Went From Working 70hrs/Week To Having 30 Staff

APB Member Jim Pitcher founded his building company in 1994. CRC Builders specializes in providing creative building in the California Bay Area. Since its inception, the team at CRC have polished their craftsmanship of everything from historic buildings to cutting-edge modern spaces. 

CRC Builders has partnered up creatively with top architects and designers in the Bay Area in order to help their customers realize their vision for their home. The good results have generated an extensive list of satisfied clients and “Construction Excellence Awards”. 

CRC Builders Quail Ridge


The Journey Wasn’t Always Smooth Sailing

Jim started out like many in the industry. He was a carpenter initially and decided that he loved more than just the hands-on aspect of building, he loved the craft and business elements, so he decided to put together a company. Jim only had a couple of employees when he started the business in 1994, and in 2021, has 30 employees on staff. One of CRC’s major projects is a 15,000 square foot luxury estate in Napa, California.

Before Jim joined APB, his life was hectic. He wore many hats in his business and took on most of the work. One day Jim was a production manager, the next day he was an estimator, and the following day he was a salesman. He would work during the day to make sure projects were running on schedule and then would go home and make sales calls and estimates. 

Jim was working 70hrs, 7 days a week in his business, trying to manage everything himself. He knew he had to make changes for himself, his family and his business. He did some research and came across the Association of Professional Builders (APB) online.

He Knew They Were The Right Company To Help Him Reach His Goals

After an interview with APB, Jim knew they were the right company to work with to help him reach his goals.

Before joining APB, CRC Builders was turning over $2M a year in gross sales. Since then, the company has grown from $2M, to $6M, to $10M and is on track to hit $14M in 2021. The company’s sales goal for 2022 is $22M and for 2023 it is $30M.

Jim works with an APB mentoring coach every week to look at solutions for his business and tackle things from a different perspective. Jim now uses key performance indicators to project what his company is going to do. Taking what he has learned from APB, Jim now has frank discussions with his department heads on the best way to move forward with his business.

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