Estimating & Takeoffs

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About AmourA ConSol

Fed up spending your evenings and weekends estimating?

Maybe you are considering taking on an estimator but you don’t have quite enough opportunities in the funnel to make the numbers work…

If that’s you, then AmourA ConSol could be the solution you are looking for because they specialise in producing takeoffs and bills of quantities (BOQs) for builders.

With AmourA ConSol’s proficient estimation and project management skills, they provide the technical strength to any builder who aspires to construct anything from a small retaining wall to a luxury dream home.
AmourA ConSol’s founding members have amassed great industry knowledge and negotiation skills – benefits of their experience is gladly passed on to their clients, making their job that little bit easier and financially viable.

Builders’ Services

Cost Estimation

AmourA ConSol works diligently to achieve accurate cost estimates for the overall project the first time around. Through a comprehensive analysis of cost for each and every item, they don’t miss any details or materials required on your list – no matter how small they may seem.

By getting this right the first time around, you never have to worry about your project running at a loss.

Tendering and Cost Estimation

Tender documents can be tedious and exhausting to read through, especially when you’ve got a heavy workload of your own to endure!

Leave the process to the team at AmourA ConSol! They know that every detail is worth time, money and labour. Their experienced and knowledgeable team will thoroughly examine your tender documents, ensuring no details are missed.

Quantity Take-Off and BOQ Creation

The team at AmourA ConSol has identified Quantity Surveying and BOQ (Bill of Quantities) creation as the primary and most important aspect of any project.

They take pride in their ability to maintain accuracy at all times, and deliver results with efficiency – enabling them to provide you with complete BOQ for any type of project.

AmourA ConSol uses CUBIT for all of our quantity take-offs, increasing our productivity.

All you need to do is send AmourA ConSol your drawings. Leave the rest to them!

Project Planning

Rule number one in the business of construction: plan before you act.

Through Building Planning, AmourA ConSol leverages their knowledge to reduce your risk. Their team primarily uses Microsoft Project (MSP) and Primavera to give you a holistic idea about your project ahead of time, so that you are able to foresee any potential risks.

No more unpleasant surprises! AmourA ConSol will help you save money with their planning procedures.

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