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APB Members can receive a 16% rebate on their C2CPRO services costs.

About C2CPRO

As a member of the Association of Professional Builders (APB), you know what it takes to run and grow a successful business. 

You probably also know that there’s one underlying issue with the building industry that has not changed:

“Construction companies traditionally have the highest failure rate globally.” 

This quote is from Analytics company Dun & Bradstreet, stated back in 2012 – well before COVID caused supply issues and cost escalations.

APB’s Co-founder, Russ Stephens said, “Eighty percent of builders in Australia have lost money in the last 12 months. That’s horrific. Around 50% of building companies in Australia are currently experiencing negative equity. About 25 to 30% can’t pay their bills on time.” 

It doesn’t have to be this way.

 APB has your back. And so does C2CPRO. The C2CPRO team knows what it means to be in your shoes; they started their own design and build company in 1974. 

C2CPRO is now dedicated to creating a fairer, more sustainable industry model for builders, which is why they’ve developed the first project concept-to-completion software, C2CPRO. 

C2CPRO offers builders and their customers, trades and suppliers unparalleled transparency, savings and security. It’s not just any old software, it’s a better way forward for builders.


Imagine if your business ran like this:
  • You release around 75% of your asset and cash needs (perhaps eliminating the need for your home to be on the line).
  • You gain the ultimate security of payment from a joint security account – not just for you, but also for your trades and suppliers.
  • Your customer’s funds get disbursed directly from that account to each trade and supplier, including you – as regular as weekly.
  • You’re never obligated to pay trades and suppliers again (and your bookkeeper loves you for it)!
  • You increase your net profits by stripping away high administration costs.
  • You have inbuilt protection from cost increases in your contracts.
  • Your customers know they’re getting a level of transparency, savings, and security from you that they simply can’t get anywhere else (this is not Cost Plus Contracting by the way)!
  • All your projects are managed within a true project concept-to-completion construction management platform that allows all stakeholders to collaborate in one place.
  • You start all jobs by activating the Discovery Module of the platform, enabling you to spend significantly less time quoting while also winning more projects.

Now just imagine much more you’d get from your APB coaching. 

Is this legit? 

Too right it is! Not only has it been backed by Federal and State Government grants, C2CPRO has been successfully tested on over $200 million worth of projects. 

Are you ready to take a better path forward? 

Contact C2CPRO now to see how seamless the change can be – from as little as $99/month.