Digital Logbooks For Compliant Handovers

Reward details

APB Members can receive an 12% rebate on their software costs with Inndox when they register their interest here first.

Are you spending too much time dealing with client questions and annoying defects? 

Want more time to yourself and more coin in your pocket? 

Inndox manages the handover pack, builder warranty and after-sales service of your projects. You can provide property owners with an easy-to-use app to access and manage the records and maintenance of their property. 

About Inndox

Inndox was created to solve some of the hassles faced by custom home builders like you.  

Their Brisbane-based team gives live support to get you set up and keep you going.

Here’s what you can do with their software:

  • Put together a professional and compliant handover pack in minutes, not days. Use a custom template or drag and drop and send. 
  • Have customers answer their own questions after practical completion so you can get on with the next project.
  • Have your clients log defects with photos so you can manage them to completion, all from your phone. 
  • Save yourself at least 20 hours of admin on every project.

Stay compliant and help your clients ‘self-serve’ and
 register here to activate your reward now.