CRM For New Home Builders

Reward details

APB Members can receive a 12% rebate on their Lasso CRM software costs when they register their interest here first.

Looking for a better way to manage your leads?

Lasso CRM has been working with new home builders for over a decade to improve their conversions and sales numbers. 

About Lasso CRM

Here is a breakdown of Lasso CRM’s software features:

  • Lead Management: Respond to leads quickly and reduce the chance of missing an opportunity when they are ready to buy.
  • Email Marketing: Send email campaigns to your prospects to stay top-of-mind and improve your credibility. 
  • Reporting: Lasso provides in-depth reporting to help you analyse performance. 
  • Integrations: Connect to other tools you’re already using, such as construction management software, web forms, and more.
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