Construction 3D Virtual Tours

Reward details

APB Members can receive a 12% rebate on their service costs with Modelize when they register their interest here first.

Do your customers have a hard time visualising your floorplans for their new home?

When a customer looks at your website or your design and sees a flat floorplan, they never know what to make of it?

Modelize is an architectural visualisation service focused on presenting 2D floorplans as 3D virtual tours to your customers.

About Modelize

Modelize virtual tours are designed to maximise conversion while solving customer visualisation problems, so your customers can customise the finishes in their home with options that you control. And, when they’re finished, a brief lead capture form will appear so that will connect your interested customers with your sales team.

What you get with each transformation:

  • An interactive, beautiful 3D virtual tour in 720 degrees with interior and exterior visuals
  • Five free options for different floors, cabinetry styles, countertops, wall colours, exterior wall colours, and roof colours/types
  • Five free photos to present the house
  • Two free videos to post on social media

These virtual tours are hosted on the web and can be accessed from phones, tablets, and computers.

Plus, Modelize handle all the work so you can do what you do best!

Start providing your clients with 3D virtual tours and register here to activate your reward now.