Construction Accounting & Bookkeeping

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About Monthend

Monthend is a bookkeeping, accounting and tax, finance and consulting company with the goal of helping custom home builders leverage accounting and technology to become more profitable.

Their team of professional bookkeepers and controllers know construction and work exclusively with professional builders.

Monthend’s team has deep experience in both running and advising small businesses. All associates have extensive training with even having direct construction experience prior to them joining Monthend.

Why Monthend is different from other firms
Construction only

Professional builders have unique accounting needs.

Monthend accounting is custom-made for your business. Monthend spends a lot of time with you and your team to adapt their services to meet the demands of your specific business requirements.


The #1 most important thing for Monthend is that they get your books right. Accurate job costs and accurate books are the foundation for good financial decision-making.

Simplicity & efficiency

Monthend uses project management tools like Buildertrend all day, every day. This gives them the experience required to make sure the numbers are speaking to you in a way that makes sense.

Why builders choose Monthend
Industry experience

Monthend founder Chris Anderson was CFO and partner of a $100 million homebuilding and development firm. He has deep and broad experience in construction. Most of Monthend’s clients are in construction.

Accounting details

Not all accounting is the same. Construction accounting has specific techniques and challenges unlike any other industry. Monthend uses accrual accounting to make sure Work in Process is up to date and accurate so your monthly financial statements actually mean something.

Technology experts

 Monthend are experts on Buildertrend and how it works with Quickbooks Online. But they also recommend and coach builders on other great technology tools that help simplify your field and back office operations. Monthend are constantly experimenting with these tools to make sure they’re always on the cutting edge of the construction industry.

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