Google Ads Management

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APB Members can receive an 8% rebate on their Smarter Google Ads services costs.

About Smarter Google Ads

Are you fed up with wasting your time on low quality enquiries?

Wondering where you should be advertising to bring the hottest leads to your building company?

A high-performing Google Ads campaign can help boost your enquiries, drive traffic and increase sales in your building company.

Smarter Google Ads have a team of experts that specialise in creating high converting Google Ads campaigns.


Smarter Google Ads services includes:

Keyword Research

A strong list of keywords is the golden key to a highly converting Google Ad campaign. Smarter Google Ads identify the keywords that ensure your ads are displayed in front of your ideal customers, bringing the best results for your building company.

Competitor Analysis

Knowing what’s working for your competitors saves time and gives an advantage when creating your Google Adwords campaign, because this kind of advertising is highly competitive.

Google Ads Copywriting

Smarter Google Ads experienced ads writers produce ads that stand out from the competition and make the right people engage with your building company.

Landing Page Creation

Smarter Google Ads will design a high-quality landing page that’s optimised for conversion, meaning it delivers on the promise by displaying information that entices your hot leads to buy from you.

Tracking & A/B Testing

Smarter Google ads track and measure number of clicks and how many leads contact your business constantly to help determine the success of your campaign and identify optimisation opportunities.

Protection Against Click Fraud

Smarter Google Ads protect your campaign against malicious competitors who might be tempted to repeatedly click ads to make you reach your advertising budget early and force your ad to deactivate itself, making you miss out on further clicks.

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