Safety Management

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APB Members can receive an 12% rebate on their site safety management with VISBuild.

Is your site safety and contractor onboarding a hazard in its own right?

You need a dedicated system to managing your onsite safety.

VISBuild provides an end-to-end platform which manages contractor onboarding and induction and site safety management and reporting all in the one platform.


About VISBuild

VISBuild provides the builder with a single seamless platform to:

  1. Onboard and manage your contractors
  2. Provide inductions for all of your contractor’s team members
  3. Manage full site safety platform to keep everyone safe
  4. Manage site reporting to enable site supervisors to actively manage safety and quality across the builds.


The system includes features like:

  • Contractor Management: All contractors are onboarded and approved before any of their team attend your sites. Our automated platform manages the process with full visibility.
  • Inductions: All inductions are completed prior to attending site. Site specific inductions are available to improve safety. 
  • Site Safety: All visitors must check in and receive site-based safety alerts. No QR codes. VISBuild use their patented Geo technology to validate every check in. Each company SWMS is stored within their profile so no worker will be on site without their SWMS. Toolbox talk module included. Incident reporting module for reporting across all sites.
  • Site Management: All paper forms are digitised. We have 25 pre-configured forms to collect data from each site and report back to the management team complete with photos. Arrival notifications available for trades and deliveries. Site specific documents stored within the app for each site.
  • and more!

Keep your sites safe with VISBuild and activate your reward now.

Special Terms & Eligibility
This reward is only available to new customers of VISBuild that are current members of the Association of Professional Builders (APB).
Existing VISBuild customers are not eligible to receive this reward.