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APB Members can receive an 16% rebate on their construction safety software with Worx Inductions when they register their interest here first.

Is your site safety management and inductions saving your time and money?

Or is it costing you?

Worx Inductions is a cloud based automated safety management platform that saves you time and and money by providing safety inductions and training online for your employees and contractors. 

About Worx Inductions

Worx Inductions makes managing the WHS compliance of your building company easy by eliminating paperwork and spreadsheets with a digital automated system that stores and manages your project and safety information 24/7 via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Worx Inductions softwares has various modules including:

  • Online Safety Inductions: The system has a range of pre-configured step-by-step safety inductions that can be adapted to your business. It provides every user with information and training using clear and concise videos that are accessible online at anytime.
  • Employee & Contractor Management: Worx Inductions allows you to capture and track validity of licenses and insurances whilst receiving automated notifications of upcoming renewal dates.
  • Digital SWMS: The software lets you easily create your SWMS documents with commonly used templates that can be customised to suit your company.
  • plus more! 

Start managing the safety of your team easily and efficiently with Worx Inductions and register here to activate your reward now.