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WHY TAKE PART in the survey?

This survey helps reveal what is really going on behind closed doors for an independent custom home building company.

We survey professional builders from the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to create the most comprehensive industry report covering marketing, sales, financials and operations.

From the hundreds of data points analysed by thousands of custom home builders and remodelers, we are available to reveal the true state of the residential construction industry.

INSIDE THE survey we uncover...

✓ How much gross profit your competitors added to their jobs in 2021

✓ ​How much they are planning to mark up their jobs in 2022

✓ How much your competitors spent on advertising in 2021

​✓ How much your competitors drew as a salary in 2021

✓ What the biggest marketing challenge your competitors faced in 2021 was

✓ ​What your competitors use to attract new leads

& SO much more!

The State Of Residential Construction Industry Annual Report

We compile the survey results from thousands of builders to create the most comprehensive industry report on the residential construction industry.

Take part in the survey to receive a FREE copy of the 2022 report once it's complete, sent straight to your inbox!

How do your margins compare to other builders?

In The State of Residential Construction Industry report, we reveal the margins of successful builders across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States, so you can benchmark their margins against your own! 

We reveal how much gross profit they add to their jobs, how much they spend on advertising, and what strategies they are using to generate leads. 

We provide data and insights from thousands of building companies worldwide who take part in our survey. 

Builders who take part in the survey receive a free PDF copy of the finalised report. 

So stop guessing where you stand amongst your competitors. Take part in the survey and receive thousands of invaluable insights sent straight to your inbox once the report has been complied!

Want The Latest Insights?

Order the State of Residential Construction Industry 2021 Report containing data from more than 1,000 builders surveyed in 2020 on their sales, operations, financials and marketing. This report was published in 2021 and contains valuable information that you can use to benchmark how your building company tracked this year compared to your competitors.  

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