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The number one podcast to help you grow your building company safely and securely. 

Discover how you can generate more leads, sign more contracts and increase your margins while delivering a better experience for your clients.

We interview professional builders across 5 countries, host industry authorities as special guests and break down proven strategies with the coaching team at the Association of Professional Builders.

Enjoy new episodes every week.

Transforming Custom Home Builders Into Professional Building Companies

What Makes APB So Different?

Hundreds of building companies and building company owners have taken back control of their business, work with their perfect clients and never compete on price in a race to the bottom. How? By following the step-by-step systems outlined in their builders coaching membership portal.

Rather than seek out advice from your accountant or a generic ‘business coach’ or consultant, get construction company specific step-by-step training and tools.

Whether you need help with your cash flow, marketing for builders, creating a sales process, charging for quotes, or qualifying new enquiries, we have the answers and a step-by-step plan for you.

Join a network of professional builders world-wide.

We Wrote The Book On Running A Professional
Building Company

Amazon #1 International Best-Seller

In this book, we share with you the systems that successful builders across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States are implementing into their building companies. 
These professional builders are able to generate more leads and close more sales at higher margins, while also improving the client experience.  
Inside you will find the actual systems and processes that we created after working with hundreds of builders in dozens of niches and perfecting what we know works.
You will have access to all the processes that we use to make our builders the most sought-after experts in the industry.

How We Help Custom Home Builders




Creating Professional Proposals
Qualifying Checklist
Setting Up Construction Slots
Sales Blueprint For Builders
Builders Qualifying Process
Closing The Sale
Creating A Winning Offer

“The Builders’ Qualifying Checklist brings it right back to the basics and then gives you a broad but effective overview of the key areas you need to focus your attention first.” – Annameika, Australia




Facebook Fast Start For Builders
Google AdWords Fast Start For Builders
Facebook Advertising For Builders
Builders Content Marketing Strategy
Landing Page Optimisation Checklist
Instagram For Builders
Creating A Lead Magnet
Email Marketing For Builders

“I had a very strong aversion to marketing and I believe that was a key reason why our lead generation was patchy and poor. I can report that after rolling out these new marketing initiatives, we’ve had eleven new inquiries in the past eight days.” – Campbell Mattson,
New Zealand




Setting Your Company Culture
How To Create A Company Manual
Handover Checklist For Builders
Managing Client Expectations
Growing Your Building Company By Outsourcing
Performing Employee Reviews
Quarterly Strategic Planning
Training New Team Members

“I have been looking for a simple planning method…. I am looking forward to working with the team to do our 90 day plan.”
– Glen, Canada




How To Read Your Financial Statements
Construction Financials Monthly Checklist
Project Reporting For Builders
Pricing 4 Profit
How To Calculate WIPAA
Understanding Construction Financials

“I’m excited to know what the target numbers should actually be. I’ve always felt we’ve been charging a healthy markup, but turns our we are way under the benchmarks.”
– Darren, United States




How To Manage Your Time & Efficiency
How Builders Create A Millionaire Mindset
Leading A Construction Company
Successful Negotiating
Running A Family Business

“APB opened our eyes up to what we’d been missing… Specifically, with mindset and processes. We’re now able to get a profit at the design stage.”
– Todd Lake, Canada 

Does it Work?

Association Of Professional Builders Reviews

Josh Veenstra Review
Glen Veenstra

Pine Creek Homes
Manitoba, Canada

"I don't think there's another set of courses out there that is so directly applicable to custom home builders"

The big issue was just to try to find something that was a type of coaching program directed at custom home builders specifically, not just a generic ‘grow your business’ that apparently works for everybody.

The many people who are making courses and business models for different companies don’t make courses for businesses like ours.

APB, as far as I can tell, is one of the only businesses that actually has courses for custom home builders. For us, it’s nice, because it’s hard to navigate it on your own.

Campbell Mattson Review
Campbell Mattson - Location Homes

Location Homes
Taranaki, New Zealand

"We’ve increased our margin by about 3.5 – 4% in six to eight months"

“I had a very strong aversion to marketing and I believe that was a key reason why our lead generation was patchy and poor.

I can report that two weeks after that meeting, we rolled out our marketing initiatives last week, and we’ve had eleven new enquiries in the past eight days.

That has never happened in my 16 years of business, that we’ve gone from having next to no leads, in a very difficult time, to eleven.

Todd Lake Review

Contegrity Contracting
Saskatchewan, Canada

"Being involved through the whole design process has definitely opened up the doors for us to charge clients and make a profit from it."

“Our single biggest problem was process. We didn’t have any kind of strategy. We just did things willy nilly; we didn’t really have a plan.

APB opened our eyes up to what we’d been missing… Specifically, with mindset and processes. We’re now able to get a profit at the design stage.

Even if we’re not going to do the construction job itself, at least we are still involved and our time is getting paid for.

Being with APB has definitely given us a new confidence and we can go out and sell ourselves more confidently, knowing that we have a proven process.”

Veronika Sparagis Review
Veronika Sparagis - Ultima Building Group

Ultima Building Group 
New South Wales, Australia

"Joining APB Has Helped Us Win Jobs We Never Thought We Would Be Able To Get."

“Marketing is not one of our strengths. I’m a psychologist by trade and my husband is a builder. We knew we needed something and someone but weren’t sure who or what.

What APB brought to the table for us were some systems and structure. Specifically, with marketing. Our most recent jobs have come from social media marketing.

I think both jobs equaled over about $600,000. Our margins have increased and we haven’t had a job below a 20% margin.”

Glen Stephens Review
Glen Stephens - Location Homes - Taranaki, New Zealand

Location Homes
Taranaki, New Zealand

“I've been in business for fifteen years and I haven't experienced this kind of help and support before”

We went through some rapid growth financially and with staff in a short amount of time. This was two to three years ago, so that stretched our resources, stretched our processes and our systems.

The biggest and best thing for me as the director of this company, and for my business partner, is we weren’t really accountable to anyone. Now we feel accountable to the system and it keeps us on track.

We’re seeing huge results, we’ve now achieved an increase of 20 – 22% in our gross profit, through some of the work we’ve done in pricing and in running the projects, which has been amazing. 

So I’d definitely recommend APB to anyone that’s thinking about it – just do it.

Rocky Simmons Review
Rocky Simmons - Vision Homes Inc.

Vision Homes Inc.
West Virginia, United States

"The value that we receive for the investment, we’ll get in return is just, it's worth every penny, ten times over"

I’m an old school marketing guy, so I was relying on face to face meetings and phone calls. I’ve had to adjust to the new wave and somehow, fortunately, APB found me.

The result that we’ve seen here at Vision Homes in such a short period of time is due to the actions that I’m taking and leading by actions and leadership is spreading to our staff.

So, my morale is high and instead of getting my staff fighting with us over new ideas and new things, they are buying in because they see me implementing these things.”

Craig Jolly Review
Craig Jolly - Intelligent Constructions & Electrical

Imagine Homes (formerly Intelligent Constructions and Electrical Pty Ltd)
New South Wales, Australia

"I Don't Feel Like I'm Out There Alone Anymore"

We knew we needed something, but I didn’t know what it was that we needed to get to the next step, and as I was searching around, there were plenty of things on marketing and guides on how to grow a business and those sorts of things, but nothing specifically for builders.

I’ve found since joining APB that the training is focused, it’s relevant, and very easy for us and my two sons to take part in.”

Brent Chatterton Review
Brent Chatterton - Chatterton Builders

Chatterton Builders
Christchurch, New Zealand

"We're Reaching 18% Net Profit Now And It's Really Quite Exciting"

For a long time, we didn’t have good clients. Because of the earthquakes, there were always insurance people who would battle about the job. So, it’s been really cool the last couple of years to finish jobs on such a good note.

Before we joined APB our net profits were always quite low, even as low as six, seven or eight percent. Now we’ve managed to lift them up to the teens. We got them up to 12%, but more recently we’re starting to get even bigger. We’re reaching 18% now and it’s really quite exciting. It’s great that we can finally start believing in ourselves; believing that we can achieve that.”

Liesa Adlington Review
Liesa Adlington - Adlington Homes

Adlington Homes
New South Wales, Australia

"I Can See Ourselves Working Smarter, Getting Better Results And Becoming More Confident"

We needed help from a company that understood building and exactly what we were going through, and could actually add value to our company by helping us put processes and systems in place.

It’s given us the support to understand how to sell our business, how to be proud of our business, and also how to look after ourselves and be profitable.”

Jeremy Gates and Sue Davidson Review
Jeremy Gates & Sue Davidson - Gaia Construction
​Gaia Construction Victoria, Australia
"Sales Revenue Has Doubled And The Previous Year, Our Leads Have Just Gone Through The Roof"
I always say to people, “Just because you’re a great tradesman doesn’t mean you’re great at running a business. You’ve been taught how to be a great tradesman, let somebody teach you how to be a great businessman and go from there.”
Rick Champlin Review
Rick Champlin - Simple Group

Simple Group
Utah, United States

"Our Sales Have Grown, But Our Margin On Those Sales Has Also Grown"

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel.

Every dollar we’ve spent on the coaching has paid itself back multiple times over.

Our sales have grown, but our margin on those sales has also grown and that’s definitely a direct result of the training that we received.

There’s just no reason to fight this battle by yourself.

Get as much support as possible; get the experts involved and use everything that they teach you.”

Thomas Esprester Review
Thomas Esprester - ESP Developments

ESP Developments
Queensland, Australia

"You Can Talk To Other Builders Within The Group And That In Itself Is A Revelation"

In the building industry, there’s a lack of helping and mentoring. Builders don’t talk to each other.

We see each other as competition, as the enemy. Everybody works to a different beat and everybody does slightly different jobs, and we all see each other as competitors, but we’re actually not. 

So, if you need support, it’s not generally there within the industry, but within the Builders Mentoring Program there’s an amazing amount of support. If you’ve got a question you don’t quite understand or you’ve got a circumstance you can’t quite deal with, (a) you’ve got a mentor you can talk to, or (b) you can talk to other builders within the group and that in itself is a revelation because that doesn’t happen in our industry.

Lee Makin Review
Lee Makin - Makin Homes

​Makin Homes
Western Australia, Australi​a

"It's Been A Great Relief To Know That I'm Not Alone"

It’s been a great relief to know that I’m not alone and that some of the figures that I was looking at were realistic. And it’s just great comfort to know that there’s somebody there who I can actually ask a lot of these questions and get some truthful answers. That was one of the best things that I gained out of joining APB.”

Toby Searle Review
toby and elizabeth searle

Highwater Homes
New South Wales, Australia

"Great Association To Be A Part Of!"

“The Association of Professional Builders have helped us to implement highly successful business strategies into our sales and marketing and financial structures that we utilise everyday. We have improved dramatically throughout our involvement and association with these guys. The tools and assistance that are provided are essential to the growth and continued success of our business. Without the APB, we would be fighting at the back of the pack with other wanna be builders. I can’t thank them enough for how they have helped over the years. Great association to be a part of!!”

Max Mills Review
max mills

RM Mills Construction
Utah, United States

"I Don’t Want Other Builders Knowing About This"

“I don’t want other builders knowing about this.

I was very leery and even when I joined, I thought, is this for real? If people honestly want to change their business and let’s be honest, we’re not a Hallmark movie where the individual’s a terrible person, and then they change overnight. Here, if you want change it’ll come if your eyes are open, and you understand it. For me, I’m absolutely grateful that we did this because it has changed how I see things, how we run our business.

We build the same great home, but now I understand the processes.

So, yes, I will say it: If anyone joins from Utah, I’m going to be p*ssed.”

Matt Smith Review
matt smith

Rainbow Building Solutions
Tasmania, Australia

“Don’t Bother Going Anywhere Else”
“The only place to find out how to promote, manage and maintain a successful building company. Don’t bother going anywhere else.”
Timothy Ferraro Review
Bluestem Construction Minnesota, United States
"Actual, Real Information!"

“There’s actual real information. A lot of the business consultants that I’ve hired and spent a lot of money on… I probably would have been better off with a book. You have the answers and have information to back the opinion up and show the results.”

Tye Alroe Review
tye alroe

Alroe Constructions
Queensland, Australia

"You Want To Help Other Builders Become Successful"

“The vision of your company you can see as clear as day, you want to help other builders become successful. I’m a true believer in what you guys have.

And the support you guys give to us is pretty second to none. I’ve been really, really impressed with the service to be honest.

It’s just the processes and procedures, and all the programs you guys use, are just second to none. So, if someone can learn even just that from you guys, in your business, they’ll go a long way toward being successful. I couldn’t be happier. I’d fully recommend APB, for sure.”

Transform Your Building Company

Learn anytime, anywhere and whatever way you like with multiple training formats. All Association of Professional Builders courses come with online, physical, social, live and simulated material so you can get results fast.

Online Training Portal

Online Training Platform

Watch step-by-step training videos, screen recordings and software walk-throughs. Access the training online from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.

Hard Copies Delivered Monthly

Every month we deliver new training to your door to provide the ultimate deep learning experience. Learn online through the e-learning platform, through classic printed workbooks, or both!

Sales Blueprint Booklet
Connect with like minded builders

Connect With Like-Minded Builders

Join the largest, fastest growing community of professional builders who are on the same wavelength as you. It can be lonely running a construction company. Get inspired, ask questions, solve problems, make friends and enjoy connecting to builders just like you!

Live Coaching Monthly & Help On Demand

Attend a live coaching call each month and get help on demand for the APB coaching team who can troubleshoot your problems and provide direction. All courses include unlimited questions, live call recordings, downloadable training booklets and support.

Builders Business Coaching
Live Events - Association of Professional Builders

First Access To Live In-Person Events

Attend live, in-person events and workshops around the world. Meet your fellow members in-person and get results-focused coaching live! As an APB member you’re the first to hear about new and upcoming events which are often booked out in advance.

You're In Good Company

Thousands of construction company owners around the world have used APB’s templates and training to systemise their business, improve their knowledge, grow their building company and change their life.

Alroe Constructions

Tye Alroe, Australia

Using APB systems, Tye grew his building company from $5M to $30M in just 3 years.

Watch Tye’s Story

Salter Builders

Trevor Salter, New Zealand

Trevor was about to end his building company all together. Now his revenue is 8x what it was 5 years ago. 

Watch Trevor’s Story

CRC Builders

Jim Pitcher, United States

Jim went from working 70hrs/week to having 30 staff. 

Watch Jim’s Story

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