Construction Marketing Coaching

If it’s more leads you need, construction marketing coaching will be the best investment your advertising dollars can make!

Because, of course, a steady stream of leads is what makes a building company successful.

Increasing your profit margins is the only real way to grow your building company safely and securely, but in order to increase your profit margins you need to generate more demand for your services than you can actually supply. 

Home builders that don’t advertise are not hitting benchmark for their margins because they don’t have enough demand for their services.

When demand exceeds supply, margins go up. 

When supply exceeds demand, margins go down. 

And if supply and demand are equal, then nothing changes… 

No margin growth and no revenue growth.

Builders must advertise and market their building companies to increase the demand for their services.

Successful builders invest 1-3% of their revenue into marketing spend.

Successful builders invest 1-3% of their revenue into advertising spend. 

But before you can even do that, there’s important preplanning that needs to be done too.

Professional builders aren’t jacks of all trades. 

They’re specialised professionals that know exactly who their ideal clients are and what they want to build. 

In order to create a successful marketing strategy, you need to identify your avatar (your ideal client) and create the perfect offer that speaks directly to them.

You also need to have a website and landing pages that are designed to convert! 

And it doesn’t have to cost you tens of thousands of dollars to create.

There are simply 7 elements that every custom home builders website must have in order to generate leads effectively.

It’s so important for builders to really nail all aspects of their marketing strategy and advertising dollars to ensure you do get the best bang for your buck.

Industry Leading Builders Marketing Training Programs

That’s why we have a range of step-by-step construction marketing training programs in the Association of Professional Builders Members Portal.

We’ll show you how to identify your niche and establish a brand for your building company so you can start generating enquiries from your ideal clients who are looking to build exactly what you enjoy building.

Digital Marketing Strategy – Social Media, Google and your Website

As experienced Construction Marketers, we’ll teach you the proven processes for using digital channels like Facebook, Instagram and Google so you can start creating more demand for your building company.

We’ll uncover the content marketing strategy for home builders that builds trust and establishes authority without even speaking to your prospects.

And we’ll give you a checklist of everything your website and landing pages need to ensure your online marketing efforts are successful.

If you want to learn more about the Association of Professional Builders’ construction marketing coaching, check out a free demonstration of APB Membership with the button below.

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