Construction Sales Training

Nothing happens in business until something is sold...

We know that sales are critical to your success, so you’ll have access to proven sales training for builders when you become a member of the Association of Professional Builders.

Professional builders have a repeatable sales process that they can follow for every new prospect they speak to.

Without this, you’ll simply be following your prospects process for buying, which never ends well for residential home builders.

No construction sales process means you’ll be pushing out free quotes and trimming your margins for jobs you’ll likely never win.

The problem is, too many residential home builders think that they need to provide a free quote and make sure they’re the lowest priced builder in order to win the job.

But that is simply not true.

Sales is a psychological game. Construction Sales training is key to being a market leader​.

While price is important to your prospect, it’s never the determining factor, despite what they might tell you. 

Consumers make buying decisions that are made by the subconscious using emotion, which are then justified by a different part of the subconscious using logic. 

So the reality is, sales is a psychological game.

And when you play the game right, you’ll be signing more contracts at higher margins. 

Not all the leads that your marketing generates will be a right fit for you.

That’s why we have training that covers the complete qualifying process for builders.

How Construction Sales Training Can Help Your Business

We’ll give you all the questions you need to ask a new prospect in order to qualify them as an opportunity, and we’ll show the exact order to to ask them in to ensure you get truthful answers every time.

We’ll share with you the number one secret that the world’s most successful builders are using to advance the sale after every conversation.

We’ll show you how to overcome objections during the sales process, without coming across as pushy or salesy.

And we’ll show you every essential element that needs to be in your contract proposals that’s proven to win more jobs.

If you want to learn more about the Association of Professional Builders’ sales training for builders, check out a free demonstration of APB Membership with the button below.

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