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APB Members can receive an 16% rebate on their service costs with PermitFlow.

Are you tired of spending hours filling out permit applications? 

Don’t have an easy way to track all of your permits?

PermitFlow make permitting for your home building projects simple, predictable and quick.

About PermitFlow

PermitFlow streamlines the process permitting process for you. Their platform simplifies the application process, making it easy and fast to get the permits you need. The user-friendly interface allows you to submit applications and track their progress from anywhere, saving you time and hassle.

Here’s what you can expect from PermitFlow:

  • Faster and Easier Permits: They remove the burden of paperwork and submittals from your team’s workload. By leveraging software and local expertise, PermitFlow prepare permit applications that are complete, accurate, and ready to meet all requirements.
  • Team of Local Experts: PermitFlow’s team comprises experienced architects, structural engineers, and former city planners and permit specialists. With years of collective expertise, they have a deep understanding of local municipal regulations and processes.
  • Permit in One Place: You can submit, track, and obtain permits all in one convenient platform, eliminating the need to navigate complex municipal websites. The platform also facilitates collaboration between architects, contractors, and stakeholders, promoting transparency and accelerating project completion.
  • Nationwide Coverage in the United States: PermitFlow’s services are available nationwide in the United States, providing assistance for single municipalities or multiple states. 


Streamline your permit process with PermitFlow and activate your reward now.