Healthy Building Materials Mastermind

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APB Members can receive an 8% rebate on their enrolment in the Healthy Building Materials Mastermind, a 10 week online program for building industry professionals by The Healthy Home when they register their interest here first.

Do you want to lead the way in creating healthier homes for your clients, and set your business apart from other construction businesses, in a crowded market?

Do you want to understand the health and environmental impacts of the materials you specify, without having to take on hundreds of hours of research yourself?

Do you want to be part of a like-minded community of building industry professionals, influencing the demand for healthier, locally produced building materials?

The Healthy Building Materials Mastermind was created by Building Biology New Build Consultant, and founder of The Healthy Home, Zara D’Cotta, to empower builders, architects, building designers and interior designers, with the knowledge they need to be key players in the movement for change. 

About The Healthy Home

The Healthy Home was founded by Zara D’Cotta, after her own experiences with cancer and environmental illness, and extensive research, she realised unhealthy homes are making us sick. She’s been on a mission to play what part she can to change the way homes are designed and built, ever since. 

The Healthy Home vision is for every home to be designed and built with health in mind, with materials that will enable us to thrive, and won’t contribute to the destruction of our environment. For modern homes to be built to stand for centuries, not decades. 

Discover how to build healthier homes with The Healthy Home and register here to activate your reward now.

Special Terms & Eligibility
This reward is only available to new customers of The Healthy Home that are current members of the Association of Professional Builders (APB).
Existing The Healthy Home customers are not eligible to receive this reward.