Russ Stephens

If you’re here, you must have heard me on a podcast. 

But, if you’re still wondering who I am, I’m Russ Stephens, Cofounder of the Association of Professional Builders, providing coaching for custom home builders. 

Since you’re visiting this page, you probably want to stop spinning the wheels in your building company and get a clear roadmap on how to systemise the business.

If you enjoyed the information I shared during my podcast interview, keep scrolling for more valuable resources…

How We Help Custom Home Builders

At the Association of Professional Builders, we’re passionate about improving the construction industry for both builders and consumers.

We believe that residential home builders deserve to be earning more money for the service they are providing. 

And we also believe the consumers deserve a far better experience than they are currently getting.

But, we know that you can’t deliver a word-class service on tiny margins, or without having the proper systems in place. 

So that’s what we provide at the Association of Professional Builders…

Systems that generate more leads, more contracts and higher margins while improving the client experience.

APB Membership

When you become a member of the Association of Professional Builders, you’ll get instant access to the highest rated sales, marketing, financials and operations training for custom home builders. 

Plus, monthly group coaching, a private onboarding session, access to the APB Members Facebook Group and ongoing support.

It’s EVERYTHING you need to grow your building company safely & securely.

Behind-The Scenes Tour

If you want to see exactly how APB Membership has transformed hundreds of custom home building companies, you can watch the free membership demonstration now. 

We’ll show you everything we give our members to support them in their journey of growing their building company safely and securely.

Free Resources For Professional Builders

Online Training

100% free resources to grow your building company safely and securely. 

The free online training covers everything from signing more contracts, generating profit, improving your mindset and more.

Sales Blueprint For Builders

This free download uncovers the new sales process that helps builders win more contracts at higher margins.

Originally created for our members, we’re now giving it away free of charge because it is our mission to help the owners of residential building companies. 

Industry News

The APB Blog is the best place to quickly and easily keep up to date with the latest news, tips, tricks and breakthroughs in the building industry.

We are constantly updating our blog with information every home builders needs to know about generating more leads, signing more contracts or saving time by systemising your building company.

Bookmark this one! 

Connect With Us

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Professional Builders Facebook Group

To really get the most out of the APB movement, make sure you join our free Facebook Group, Professional Builders Secrets. 

It’s a community of hundreds of like minded builders across the world where you can get inspired, ask questions, solve problems, share your experiences and enjoy connecting with builders just like you!

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