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We’re Here To Improve The Experience Of Both Clients & Builders In The Residential Construction Industry.

Right now, this industry has a bad name. Look on any forum or ask anyone who’s built before and over 80% will tell you it was a bad experience. It’s not always the builder’s fault. There’s a lack of education out there for builders about the sales process, financials, marketing and the day-to-day running of a building company.

We’re not here to help the cowboys of the industry, but rather the hard-working builders that want to build high-quality homes and earn a decent living doing so.

If we can all operate at a standard that is so high, the cowboys will leave the industry and residential construction will turn into a professional services industry just like law, engineering or medical.

We want to see a shift where consumers expect to pay for quotes and builders’ time, rather than pitting all builders against each other.

Did you know that 80% of builders will go out of business in the next five years due to a lack of business skills and knowledge? And of those remaining companies, another 80% will fail in the following five years?

Our goal is simply to increase the number of Professional Builders in the industry, and in turn, improve the experience for both clients and builders. We provide training and resources for builders to use in order to develop their building companies into Professional Builders of choice. 

How We Help Custom Home Builders


Creating A Sales Process
Trainings & Templates

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Sales Training

Qualifying Enquiries Phone Scripts

Professional Proposals Training & Templates

Company Brochure Training & Templates

+ More


Facebook Advertising 
Strategy Training

Instagram Engagement & Advertising Training

Website Design & Optimisation Checklists

Creating Site Signs that Generate Leads

Google Ads Creation & Management Training

+ More


Company Manual
Template & Trainings

Leadership & Company Culture Training

Recruitment Processes & Templates

90 Day Planning & Goal Setting Training

Time Management & Efficiency Training

+ More


Pricing 4 Profit (Net Margin) Training

Job Pricing Calculators & Trainings

Markup Vs Margin Training & Calculators

Work In Progress Calculators & Training

Monthly Construction Financials Checklists

+ More

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Our Team

Russ Stephens - Construction Marketing Specialist & Cofounder at Association of Professional Builders

Russ Stephens

Business Strategy Specialist & Cofounder

Data analysis expert that has introduced data-driven decision making to the residential construction industry.

Business Operations Specialist & Cofounder at Association of Professional Builders

Sky Stephens

Business Operations Specialist & Cofounder

Specialist in taking complex business strategies and converting them into actionable step-by-step guides for building company owners.

Andy Skarda - Accountability Coach at Association of Professional Builders

Andy Skarda

Head Coach

Andy heads up the coaching team and works exclusively with owners of residential building companies that are looking to fast-track their results.

Kayla Jordan

Kayla Jordan

Executive Assistant

Kayla works alongside the director, Sky, in the day to day operations of the business.

Erik Cofield

Erik Cofield

Executive Coach

Erik works exclusively with owners of residential building companies in the United States and Canada that are looking to fast-track their results.

Clint Best APB

Clint Best

Executive Coach

Clint works exclusively with owners of residential building companies in the United States and Canada that are looking to fast-track their results.

Peta Muller - Marketing Coordinator at Association of Professional Builders

Peta Muller

Marketing Coordinator

Peta schedules and executes the release of exclusive trainings and resources available to members.

Scarlet Robertson APB

Scarlet Robertson

Digital Marketing Specialist

Scarlet creates and amplifies APB’s free resources for custom home builders so we can help as many builders as possible.

Patrick Hurst

Patrick Hurst

QLD, Australia

James Lawrence APB

James Lawrence

VIC, Australia

Michael Dunlevy APB

Michael Dunlevy

TX, United States

Fiona Leeder APB

Fiona Leeder

VIC, Australia

Mathieu Hutin APB

Mathieu Hutin

TX, United States

Liam Gleeson APB

Liam Gleeson

VIC, Australia

Alex Gillock

Alex Gillock

TX, United States

Karsten Packwood

Karsten Packwood

SC, United States

Andrew Li


VIC, Australia

Member Success Coaches

Patrick, James, Michael, Fiona, Mathieu, Liam, Alex and Karsten guide new members through the process of executing improvements to their sales, marketing and operational challenges so they can see results fast.

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