Builders Self-Improvement Coaching

Often it’s not external factors that set aside average builders from professional builders, but rather it's what goes on inside your head.

Having the right mindset, knowing how to allocate your time effectively, setting goals and delegating workloads ultimately determines how successful you are in business.

We offer our clients a wide range of action plans and training courses on self-development and improvement so they can not only be the best builder, but also be their best self and live their most desired lifestyle. 

If you’re in business, then there is no question you’ve been told about the importance of goal setting and the role it plays in achieving success.

But in our experience, which comes from training builders from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK, many of our clients have previously set goals and have failed to achieve them.

As a result, they question their ability to reach their targets and they begin to lose faith in the whole process.

This is one of the first things we address with any new client: The 5 tips for setting goals so that you have a MUCH greater chance of achieving them.

Mindset coaching for builders allows you to establish a strategic direction for your building company.

The Common Traits of Professional Builders

Another key feature of our builders’ self improvement coaching is the importance of mindset.

We know that the average building company only lasts 3.6 years… so how do some people go on to become multi-millionaires while others continue on the hamster wheel constantly chasing cash flow?

As it turns out, there are quite a few traits that successful builders share, and it isn’t just the amount of money they’ve made.

Within our self-improvement training we reveal why some builders become multi-millionaires while others are left trying to figure out what they are doing wrong.

In our training, we reveal the seven of the most common traits we’ve found in successful building companies. So if it works for them, it may work for you too.

Let us touch on one of these traits, in fact arguably the most important… 

Having A Millionaire Mindset.

If you’ve ever wondered why another custom home builder is more successful than you, even though they don’t work as hard as you do..

You might have thought it was because you are not a natural salesperson

Or, because you’re not great at maths.

However, the real reason you’re being outperformed by another builder has nothing to do with the skills you don’t have, and everything to do with what goes on between your ears.

And the longer you spend believing that your success is being affected by circumstances beyond your control, the further you will fall behind.

However, when you transform your thinking, you open up a whole new world of opportunity and exponential growth.

Experts refer to this as a ‘growth mindset’ and we focus heavily on implementing this practice with our clients. 

Managing Your Time & Efficiency

Within our builders self-improvement coaching, we have dedicated an entire action plan and training course to making sure our clients are managing their time and efficiency when running their building company.

Would you like to eliminate all of the stress and overwhelm by simply focusing on the activities that give you the biggest return on your most valuable resource….your time?

Working ON your business allows you to grow your building company safely and securely while avoiding the need to spend your evenings and weekends quoting jobs, returning calls from subcontractors, or holding meetings with clients.

If you are taking on more work, or even if you are planning to take on more work in the future and you do not regularly eliminate some of the tasks you are currently doing, then you’ll always be doing low-value tasks that will permanently block your company’s ability to grow.

And that means you’ll be constantly hitting a glass ceiling, unable to take your business to the next stage.

We teach our clients that in order to grow a building company safely and securely you need to understand the value of your time, which becomes known as your ‘hourly rate’.

Once you know this number, you can place a value, or a cost, on the activities you are currently doing.

Understanding the cost of the activities we are doing helps us to prioritise the tasks that we need to do, as well as identifying the tasks that can be assigned to others.

When you go through this process you’ll even identify the tasks that are simply not worth doing anymore. 

We cover all of this and so much more in our Mindset coaching for builders modules. 

And the best part?

None of it is generic advice. Everything we teach our builders in our self-improvement coaching modules is specific for builders and has worked for hundreds of residential building company owners from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

So you can rest assured that everything we offer has been tested by other builders just like you and has been proven to work.

Our tried, tested and proven systems are ready to deploy straight away, so you can stop delaying your success and get started on making the positive steps towards self improvement that you need to grow your building company. 

Mindset coaching for builders gives you the tools you need in order to increase your margins, lead your team, establish a strategic direction and systemise your building  company.

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