Our Builders

Discover the real story behind each of these members as they recount their journey to building the business they have today.

Meet Rachael

“Even with my MBA, I didn't feel prepared to operate in the construction industry.”

Rachael Boyer is the President and CEO of The Home Authority, based in Minnesota, the United States. Before she joined APB, she was wearing all of the hats in her building company, and even with an MBA, didn’t feel prepared to operate in the construction industry.

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Meet Rob and Graham

"Being In A Partnership, We Often Have Our Challenges…"​

Rob and Graham have been partners of Sherbrooke Constructions for more than 30 years. Before joining APB, the pair were at a point where they weren’t making any traction or the profit they should have been making. Now they have a solid book of work nearly 12 months ahead.

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Meet Jim


Jim was working 70hrs per week, 6-7 days. He wore many hats in the business. He knew he had to make some changes for himself, his family and his business. Now he has 30 staff working for him.

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Meet Ryan

"I was working a lot, not really making any money, not knowing where I was going..."

Before Ryan found APB, the years leading up to that were quite a struggle in Stannard family homes… He actually thought about throwing in the towel all together.

Now Ryan’s business builds 25 custom houses per year, and their business is growing daily.

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Meet Trevor

“I was about to end my building company all together."

Trevor nearly gave up. 5 years ago he almost left the industry all together. Then he came across APB. Trevor’s building company now turns over 8x what it did 5 years ago. 

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Meet Tye

"I had to sell my house and barely scraped through…"

Tye was barely scraping by when he joined APB. Since then, Tye’s building company has been able to grow their revenue from $5M to $30M in just 3 years.


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