Project Management Software For Custom Home Builders

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Is your project management all over the place?

Is your current system (or lack thereof) causing headaches and mistakes?

Construction software helps you easily manage every aspect of your projects in one place.

It’s time to ditch the spreadsheets, get more organised and professional while reducing mistakes with ECI Software Solutions’ complete project management solution for custom home builders, BuildTools 


About BuildTools.

BuildTools was built by builders to make the day-to-day for a custom home builder painless by helping you to easily manage schedules, changes and communications of construction and remodeling projects all inside one platform. 

This software is packed with benefits including:

Purchase Order & Cost Tracking

Allowing you to ditch the spreadsheets and reduce errors, this feature helps you improve how you manage your purchase orders and track costs. 

Bid Tracking

Streamline your bidding process and make it easy for subcontractors to find your project and submit their bids.


Keep track of every conversation with seamless communication from any module and keep your clients up to date with all notes, photos and documentation stored in one place.

Schedule Management

Keep track of your projects timeline and budget with automatic notifications of schedule changes and eliminate delays with streamlined communication.

…and so much more! 


So if you’re looking streamline your construction with purpose-built software,  register here to activate your reward now.