Construction Estimating & Job Management Software

Rebate details

APB Members can receive a 10% discount on Buildxact software and receive an 8% rebate on their Buildxact subscription cost.

About Buildxact

Since 2011, Buildxact has been making builders be the best they can be.

Buildxact empowers the residential construction industry to be simpler, efficient and more successful.

Everything you need, easy to use. Job. Done.

Buildxact’s cloud-based software ditches pen and paper so that builders have the time to take back control of their business. They make the admin simple, so builders can do what they love. Job. Done. 

They’re digitizing the residential construction industry

Buildxact is a software company dedicated to building tools to connect homeowners to builders and builders to their suppliers. Their vision is to be recognized as advancing the residential construction industry through innovation. Their award-winning software is improving the residential construction industry, and that’s good for everyone.