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Hundreds of builders across Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States have used the systems in the Association of Professional Builders to successfully grow their building companies safely and securely.

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tailored marketing

Matt Callea

Haven Constructions

At the moment, we’re working on tailoring our marketing and advertising to our direct clientele. We’ve already started getting more inquiries and the best part is that we are now learning how to handle those inquiries.

increasing margins

Jason Burgess

Burgess Homes

My margins are much better now. With all the new contracts, my margins are right where they need to be and I know I’m making money and things are looking good, and I can confidently grow the business knowing that I’m making money with each project that I sell.”

creating systems

Clint James

MH Builders

“We’ve been working really hard in the last two years and it felt like a duck underneath the water: going hard out, but nothing was really happening on the surface. But after the effort we put in, now we’re actually starting to see the results and that’s making us happier.”

understanding financials

Location Homes

“The most valuable and favourite topic that we’ve covered with APB and how it’s directly impacted our building company would be knowing our numbers.

We’ve increased our margin by 4% in the eight months that we’ve been working with APB. That’s been partly due to this awakening, or awareness, that it’s okay to charge what we believe we’re worth, because we’re adding the value.”

tailored learning

Glen Veenstra

Glen Veenstra

Pine Creek Homes

“I don’t think there’s another set of courses that is so directly applicable to custom home builders. APB, as far as I can tell, is one of the only businesses that actually have courses for custom home builders. For us, it’s nice, because it’s hard to navigate it on your own.” 

better marketing

Veronika Sparagis - Ultima Building Group

Veronica Sparagis

Ultima Building Group

“Marketing is not one of our strengths. I’m a psychologist by trade and my husband is a builder. However, APB really helped us work on how to market our business and what we do and from that, it’s shown us some jobs that we never thought we were able to get.

sales processes

Todd Lake - APB Success Story

Todd Lake

Contegrity Contracting

“One of the biggest factors for us has been confidence in our company and what we do, and being able to go out and get leads and being confident in our process. I know from the top down, if the business owner is confident, everybody else in the company is going to be confident. So it was definitely learning to change the mindset to “we actually can do this and we can actually make money at it, and not be intimidated by what we do”. 

increasing morale

Rocky Simmons - Vision Homes Inc.

Rocky Simmons

Vision Homes

APB, frankly, helped me break the elephant down to manageable pieces. What we need to do, when we need to do them, and then we go to the next part. Without a doubt what’s helped us the most is the accountability, of course, and the coaching, but after that, it comes down to the action plans and me implementing. And the portal is great. There’s a lot of these things for a 25-year-old company to implement.

closing more contracts

Jeremy Gates & Sue Davidson

Gaia Construction

 The key change that we’ve made, after joining APB, is to try and take clients out of the market earlier. It gives us a chance to build a really good relationship with the client and when it comes to building, they usually don’t even go out and get other quotes. I think that’s a reason that we’ve really been able to grow and be more successful.”

hitting targets

Glen Stephens - Location Homes - Taranaki, New Zealand

Glen Stephens

Location Homes

“I’ve been in business for fifteen years and I haven’t experienced this kind of help and support before. We’ve been working with a lot of different professionals and strategic coaches and training organisations; we’ve done all that, but with APB we can do the training and actually implement it in our business. It’s just another cost you add to your sale, but we’re seeing huge results 

improved processes

Craig Jolly - Intelligent Constructions & Electrical

Craig Jolly

Imagine Homes (formerly Intelligent Constructions & Electrical)

“It’s changed the outlook that I certainly had as the business owner, and our understanding of pricing and modelling, so the Pricing For Profit (e.g. How To Price Your Jobs Coaching Course) was a bit of an eye-opener. I don’t feel like I’m out there alone anymore, battling in the world. Without a doubt, APB gives you a template for success.” 


soaring margins

Rick Champlin - Simple Group

Rick Champlin

Simple Group

“Last year some of our jobs were bringing in 2 or 3% and now we’re trending upwards to 8 and 9% and working our way to getting up to hopefully 15% as our target, but we’re definitely trending in the right direction as a result of these changes. Every dollar we’ve spent on the coaching has paid itself back multiple times over. Our sales have grown, but our margin on those sales has also grown. 

support & guidance

Lee Makin - Makin Homes

Lee Makin

Makin Homes

“It’s been a great relief to know that I’m not alone and that some of the figures that I was looking at were realistic. And it’s just great comfort to know that there’s somebody there who I can actually ask a lot of these questions and get some truthful answers. That was one of the best things that I gained out of joining APB.” 

increasing margins

Brent Chatterton - Chatterton Builders

Brent Chatterton

Chatterton Builders

“Before we joined APB our net profits were always quite low, even as low as 6%. Now we’ve managed to lift them up to the teens. We got them up to 12%, but more recently we’re starting to get even bigger. We’re reaching 18% now and it’s really quite exciting. It’s great that we can finally start believing in ourselves; believing that we can achieve that. 

newfound confidence

Liesa Adlington - Adlington Homes

Liesa Adlington

Adlington Homes

“The Association of Professional Builders has made a big difference for us now; it’s changed the whole mindset of our business. Our business was working okay but didn’t have proper processes. APB has really opened us up to working with systems and processes. I can see ourselves working smarter, getting better results and becoming more confident.

Financial control

paul baldwin - baldwin constructions

Paul Baldwin

Baldwin Constructions

“Before I was with APB, I had to wait until the end of the financial year to see what the accountant brought back to us. Being able to better monitor all our financials has been great. We did the training for progress calculations from APB’s modules. It gives us a true picture of our financials, the work that my current coach does with us has been hugely beneficial in helping us to get a good understanding of that. 

working on the business

Thomas Esprester - ESP Developments

Thomas Esprester

ESP Developments

“I’ve spent nearly 30 years of my building life just trying to keep the wheel going and not really understanding what I needed to do other than working IN the business. APB has helped me greatly to understand this more. I’m not an expert at it, but I understand that there’s a lot of the information there that I’ve got to get my head around. We’ve come a long way, an awful long way.”

improved sales process

Max Mills

RM Mills Construction

For me, I’m absolutely grateful that we did this because it has changed how I see things, how we run our business. We build the same great home, but now I understand the processes.

So, yes, I will say it: If anyone joins from Utah, I’m going to be p*ssed!”

making a profit

Clare Harbinson | Coy?s Constructions, Victoria, Australia

Clare Harbinson

Coy's Constructions

A big thing for us is actually making money. We realised that before joining APB, we were barely even covering our expenses. We were always chasing our tail with payments. Now we’ve got a proper formula that APB has taught us, the Pricing 4 Profit, and we’re making money for the first time, which is just awesome.  

knowing the numbers

Neil Myburgh - Neds Projects

Neil Myburgh

NEDs Projects

“When I’m driving through Auckland, I’ve got APB on my radio full-time. In the morning, in the afternoon, every spare moment I get. I don’t have to think about the system, I’ve got one that APB has suggested. I can customise it so it fits into my business and that’s the beauty of what APB is providing.

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