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Here you’ll find resources that help you grow your building company safely and securely. From how to qualify new enquiries on the first phone call, to leading your building company. This is where professional builders go to grow their building company.

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For Running a Professional Building Company

Crisis Management For Custom Home Builders

How professional builders are remaining profitable and keeping their clients happy while suppliers cash-in on the demand.

During this exclusive free training you’ll discover:

  • How custom home builders can ensure they have enough cash to see them through the dips ahead of them.
  • How to keep your clients happy while protecting your margins.
  • Possession is nine-tenths of the law, how to use it to your advantage.
  • The three Cs you must follow in order to remain busy and profitable while costs escalate and material shortages destroy your existing supply chain.
  • How to avoid watching your profits get eroded by cost overruns and price increases.
  • How supply and demand are working against you right now and how you can turn it to your advantage.

Using Mindset To
Increase Sales

​​​​​​​How you can improve your mindset and avoid being held back by self-limiting beliefs.

During this exclusive free training you’ll discover:

  • Why builders with a growth mindset outperform the builders with a fixed mindset every day.
  • Why younger builders experience success faster than older builders… even when they follow the same strategy.
  • Why having a positive ‘can do’ attitude is not enough to guarantee success… and even makes it harder for builders to succeed.
  • The #1 thing you can do to motivate both yourself and your team.
  • What 76% of highly successful people spend 30 minutes doing every day.
  • Why your subconscious stops you from winning that extra contract.
  • Case Study: How a custom home builder went from 0% net profit to holding over $600k in cash reserves in less than 3 years.

The New Sales System For Builders

How custom home builders can use a system to sign more contracts at higher margins.

During this exclusive free training you’ll discover:

  • How to close the sale without saying a word.
  • How to get paid in advance and avoid having to produce a free quote.
  • How to get your prospects to tell you the truth when you ask for their budget.
  • The new sales process for custom home builders.
  • Why employing salespeople does not work for most custom home builders.
  • The #1 lie consumers are telling builders every day.

Financials Systems
For Builders

How to generate more profit on every job and avoid running out of cash.

During this exclusive free training you’ll discover:

  • The number inside your accounts that 95% of accounts get wrong and results in builders paying tens of thousands of dollars in tax on profits that never existed.
  • The mystery behind how a custom home builder lost 10.8% gross profit on every single project.
  • How to predict the boom times for building companies and avoid getting caught out by the recessions that always follow.
  • How to implant a financial system into your custom home building company.
  • The #1 mistake 93% of custom home builders make when they try to make more money from their building companies.
  • The myth that is stopping residential home builders from increasing their margins.
  • Case study: how a financial system transformed a residential builder from ‘surviving’ to ‘growing’.

The New Marketing Process For Builders

How to get more leads for your building company without filling up your database with time wasters.

During this exclusive free training you’ll discover:

  • How much you should spend advertising your building company.
  • How to get clients to chase YOU.
  • Why so many people fail when they advertise their building companies.
  • The secret formula for getting more leads for your building company.
  • The #1 thing governments around the world value more than gold, and how builders can take advantage.
  • How a baseball game in New York gave birth to interruption marketing.
  • Case study: how a custom home builder increased their lead generation during a downturn.

Systemising A Residential Building Company

How to become more organised and streamline your building company without working longer hours.

During this exclusive free training you’ll discover:

  • How to run a successful building company while working less than 38 hours a week.
  • How you can systemise your subcontractors.
  • How a rubber mallet put a dent in America’s car manufacturing industry.
  • How to systemise your building company.
  • How to avoid hiring the wrong people.
  • Why your existing structure is stopping you from growing your building company safely and securely.
  • How to manage your growing team and keep them aligned without creating a procedure manual with hundreds of dos and don’ts.
  • Case study: How a heated phone conversation created a turn of events that not only changed a residential builder’s business for the better, but changed his entire life…

90 Day Planning For Builders

How to create a business plan for your building company that enables you to build more homes without compromising your quality.

During this exclusive free training you’ll discover:

  • How the most successful builders are using data to make the key decisions in their building companies.
  • The secret technique used by every top performer and athlete BEFORE they do any physical work and how you can use it to accelerate your results.
  • How John and Paul built a swimming pool using timber and lead, and how you can use the same process to build more homes.
  • How to grow a building company in 90 days.
  • Why you are unable to hit the targets you recorded in your business plan.
  • Why you made less profit when you scaled up your building company.
  • Case study: How a young builder has taken the residential construction industry by storm and the system he used in order to achieve his goals.

Professional Builders Secrets Facebook Group

An online community for like-minded builders to connect.

An open group for like minded custom home builders and renovation specialists to meet, exchange ideas and improve the consumer experience by delivering better customer service through systemisation.

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