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Here you’ll find resources that help you grow your building company safely and securely. From how to qualify new enquiries on the first phone call, to leading your building company. This is where professional builders go to grow their building company.

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How custom home builders can sign more contracts at higher margins while delivering a better client experience.

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The number one podcast to help you grow your building company safely and securely.

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For Running a Professional Building Company

Professional Builders Secrets

How to close high margin building contracts

During this exclusive free training you’ll discover:

  • The most profitable business model for residential home builders to use.

  • The marketing strategy that attracts the best clients to you.

  • Where to advertise and the channels you must avoid at all costs!

  • How to identify the best prospects in less than 3 minutes.

  • The proven sales process for residential home builders that allows you to get paid while quoting projects.

  • The secret tool APB Members are using to get booked out 12-18 months in advance.

  • Why you should NEVER scale a building company without doing this one thing first.

  • The reason why your accounts make no sense at the end of the month. One month is high profit, and the next month is no profit. How do you fix that?

  • The 10 KPIs every builder must monitor every month and what those numbers tell you.

Pricing 4 Profit

The 3-step process for pricing new homes And renovation projects.

During this exclusive free training you’ll discover:

  • How to add a net margin to your projects rather than a gross margin.
  • How to calculate the true break-even point for every project before you quote a price.
  • The 2 figures inside your business plan that determine the break-even point for each individual project, and the price you need to charge in order to make a net profit.
  • How to implement the Pricing 4 Profit model.
  • How to make the amount of money you deserve to be earning given the amount of hours you work and the risks you take.
  • Proof: why old school builders that claim you can’t add more than 20% to a project are wrong and how you can succeed where they failed.
  • Case study: how a custom home builder added 30% to a $1.64 million contract and still won the job!

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Handover Checklist For Builders

Handover Checklist
For Builders

How To Create An Unforgettable Occasion For Your Clients At Handover That Results In Raving Fans

managing client expectations

Managing Client

How To Exceed Your Clients’ Expectations On Every Job

price of home build jobs

How To Price Your
Jobs For Profit

The Original Pricing 4 Profit Training: How To Price Contracts For A Construction Company Using A Net Margin

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