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Victoria, Australia builders only

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APB Members can receive a 2% rebate on their Assetinsure services when they register their interest here first.

Do you operate a building company in Victoria?

Do need a higher limit on your domestic building insurance (DBI)?

Have you been frustrated by the amount of time it takes to get your DBI limit increased?

Fortunately, there is now a solution that enables builders to enjoy faster reviews, higher DBI limits and competitive rates.

That’s because Assetinsure cut out the middle men that delay communication enabling them to respond to your enquiries and requests faster!

Assetinsure is also the only APRA approved private insurer that offers Domestic Building Insurance in Victoria.

About Assetinsure

Assetinsure have been operating successfully in the Victorian DBI market since 2017. Along with your DBI needs, their services also guarantees:

  • A first-rate web portal to request additional certificates as needed for your business
  • Direct access to a team of experienced underwriters that understand builders and their needs
  • Quick response times for certificate amendments and queries
  • Priority service and quick turnarounds for increases and facility renewals.

To qualify for Assetinsure DBI, you must have:

  • Held a Victorian DBU Builder’s License for at least three years (consideration may be given to interstate and commercial license holders or builders with equivalent experience)
  • A clean credit history with no administrations or bankruptcies
  • Steady financial performance showing no incurring losses on a yearly basis
  • Good building performance history

Let Assetinsure take care of your DBI needs and register here to activate your reward now.